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1. A warm thought suddenly came to me _______I might use the pocket money to buy some flowers for my mother’s birthday .
 A. if   B. when  C. that  D. which
2. See the flag on top of the building? That was _______ we did this morning.
 A when  B. which  C. where  D. what
3.The government has announced that a modern city will be set up in _______is still a wasteland now.
 A. what             B. which 
 C. that             D. where
4.Many people wrote articles on _______Liu Xiang had failed to compete in the event .
 A. why               B. what             C. who             D. that
5.The couple are spending their holiday on _______is described as one of the most beautiful islands.
 A. that               B. what                C. which                D. where
6.The book is meant to _______needs it .
 A. who                B. whoever          C. whomever    D. whom
7. In his speech, Premier Wen Jiabao points out that creativity is_______it takes to keep a nation highly competitive.
 A. how              B. what           C. which                D. that
8.The experience of the Chinese nation attests to a truth_______ a nation loses in times of disaster will be made up for by her progress.
 A. that what         B. what                   C. that               D. what that
9._______has recently been done to provide more buses for the people ,a shortage of public vehicles remains a serious problem .
 A. That             B. What         C. In spite of what      D. Though what
10.  _______is certain is _______prevention is more important than treatment.
 A. It; that         B. What; that          C. As; what              D. What; what
11. Nobody would stand out admitting the fact, for some reason, _______they lost the game.
A. that        B. which             C. what              D. why
12.—The patient looks much better. _______is it that has made him_______he is today?
—Perhaps the special medicine and his family’s patient care.
A.What; that  B.That; that          C.What; what           D.What; which
13. After three hours’ climbing , they reached _______ they thought was the place they’d been dreaming of .
A.what       B.which          C.where           D.that
14. A plan has been put forward _______more graduates should go to work in the country
A. when       B. that           C. whether            D. how
15.It is pretty well understood _______controls the flow of carbon dioxide in and out the atmosphere today.
A. that             B. when          C. what           D. how 
16. She is very dear to us. We have been prepared to do _______it takes to save her life.
A. whichever      B. however      C. whatever       D. whoever
17. The how- to book can be of help to _______wants to do the job.
A. who          B. whomever     C. no matter who   D. whoever
18. A good friend of mine from ______ I was born showed up at my home right before I left for Beijing.
A. how          B. whom         C. when            D. which
19. Many young people in the West are expected to leave_______could be life’s most important decision—marriage—almost entirely up to luck.
A. as            B. that            C. which            D. what
20. —Is there any possibility ______ you could pick me up at the airport?
—No problem.
A. when        B. that            C. whether          D. what


1. C 句意:我脑海中突然出现一个温情的念头,用我的零花钱给妈妈买些鲜花作为她的生日礼物。本题考察名词性从句用法。I might use the pocket money to buy some flowers for my mother’s birthday .做A warm thought 的同位语从句。中间被suddenly came to me隔开,增加了试题难度。此外,部分考生由于对同位语从句和定语从句不分,故错选D为答案。
2. D 表语从句中缺did的宾语。
3. A “_______is still a wasteland now .”做介词in的宾语从句,从句中缺主语句意为:政府已经宣布一座现代化的城市将在这片现在仍是废墟的地方建成。
4. A“_______Liu Xiang had failed to compete in the event.”做介词on的宾语,宾语从句中不缺主干,故排除B和C。另外that不引导介词的宾语从句(固定搭配除外),所以排除D。
5. B “_______is described as one of the most beautiful islands .”宾语从句,从句中缺少主语,
6. B whoever在宾语从句中做主语,部分学生,因为只看到介词to,误认为要添whomever做介词的宾语。
7. B “_______it takes to keep a nation highly competitive.”做表语从句,从句中缺少takes的宾语,构成 it takes sth to do sth 结构。
8. A 本题句子结构比较复杂,“_______ a nation loses in times of disaster will be made up for by her progress”做a truth的同位语从句,同位语从句中_______ a nation loses in times of disaster为主语从句。本句共有两个从句,故有两个引导词。句意为“中华民族的经验证明了一个真理,即,一个民族在灾难中失去的,必将从民族的进步中得到补偿。
9. C “_______has recently been done to provide more buses for the people”在句中做让步状语,而D. Though what错误, 因为, 一个单一的从句不能用两个连词引导.句意: 尽管在为人们提供更多公交车这件事上, 投入了很多, 但是公交工具的缺乏, 仍然是个问题.
10. B “_______is certain”在句中做主语,主语从句缺少一个主语,需要用What; “_______prevention is more important than treatment .”系表语从句,句意与结构完整,只有that,可以这样用。
11. A“_______ they lost the game.”在句子中做the fact 的同位语从句,从句意思结构完整,结构完整。
12. C 先将句子结构理清楚,it is _______that has made him _______he is today 就可以判断,第一个空是考察强调句型的特殊疑问形式;第二个空则是表语从句,表语从句中缺少he is的表语。句意:病人好多了,是什么使得他成为现在这个样子。
13. A 考生误以为是地点状语从句,误选C.where。而reached是及物动词,后边接的是宾语从句,宾语从句除去插入语they thought,应该缺主语。
14. B 考察同位语从句,表达A plan的具体内容,has been put forward将名词与从句隔开,加大了难度。
15. C 主要测试主语从句。分析句子结构可知:句子属于形式主语格式;另外主句中缺少主语。双重作用的引导词只能是what。例如:It is still doubtful what he said at the meeting yesterday。昨天他在会上说的话仍然值得怀疑。
16. C 名词性从句的引导词。句意为:她对我们来说是非常宝贵,我们已经准备好做一切来拯救她的生命。
17. D 此处从句作介词to的宾语,是名词性从句,引导词作从句的主语,指人,意思是:无论是谁,选D。
18. C 考查名词性从句,介词from后除了接代词或名词作宾语外,还可接介词短语或副词短语作宾语;由后面“I was born”可以推测from后面可以指时间,也可以指地点,再由所给的选项可得出答案。
19. D 考查名词性从句。宾语从句中缺少主语,因此选what。
20. B 考查同位语从句。此处是由what引导的同位语从句,表示“你有没有可能来机场接我?”。所以选B项。

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