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152. 我一到学校就忙于学习。

I am busy studying as soon as I arrive at the school.

153. 直到你登记了才可以住旅馆。

Don’t stay in the hotel until you check in.

154. 直到你结账了才能离开。

You will not leave until you check out.

155. 春节期间全家人都乐于聚在一起。

The family enjoy getting together during the Spring Festival.

156. 为了阻止人们陷入危险,我们最好排队上车。

In order to stop people from being in danger, we had better get on the bus in order.


I don’t think that a whale is a kind of fish.


According to the fact, I don’t think that you are right.

159. 你能同意那样做我很高兴。

I am glad that you can agree to do that.

160. 我想我们最好同意他的看法。

I think we had better agree with them.

161. 这台电脑占据了太多空间。

This computer takes up too much space.

162. 英国人喜欢谈论天气。

English people like talking about the weather.

163. 我们乐于谈及过去的时光。

We enjoy talking of old times.

164. 我后天想要呆在家里。

I would like to stay at home the day after tomorrow.

165. 前天,直到我做完了我的工作才回家的。

I didn’t go home until I finished doing my work the day before yesterday.

166. 我以前考虑要当一名工程师。

I used to think of becoming an engineer.

167. 建这座桥花了几千人几年时间。

It took thousands of people a few years to build the bridge.

168. 扔掉这些箱子是很浪费的。

It’s wasteful to throw away these boxes.

169. 天太黑,什么也看不见。

It’s too dark to see anything.

170. 我试穿一下这件外套你介意吗?

Would you mind my trying on this coat?

171. 尝试这个主意怎么样?

How about trying out this idea?

172. 请你把收音机调低一点好吗?

Will you please turn down the radio?

173. 没关系!That’s all right.

174. 我一到伦敦就给你打电话。

I will call you up as soon as I arrive in London.

175. 这本书过去属于我的。

This book used to belong to me.

176. 我上学迟到了因为公共汽车坏了。

I was late for school because the bus broke down.

177. 我看见他闯入了。I saw him break in.

178. 昨晚发生了一场火灾。

A fire broke out last night.

179. 到目前为止他已经培养了几百个孩子了。

She has brought up hundreds of children so far.

180. 他已建立起一个足球队。

He has built up a football team.

181. 我偶然听见她唱歌了。

I heard her sing by accident.

182. 顺便说一下,我介意抽烟。

By the way, I mind smoking.

183. 我想召集所有学生开个会。

I would like to call in all the students to have a meeting.

184. 我看见一些树叶落下来了。

I saw some leaves come down.

185. 我的新书已出版了。

My new book has come out.

186. 你的帐单共计40美元。

Your bill comes to forty dollars.

187. 太阳还没有升起来。

The sun hasn’t come up yet.

188. 我总是把睡觉与死亡比较。

I always compare sleep to death.

189. 我妈妈喜欢把我跟别人比较。

My mother likes comparing me with others.

190. 我的梦想不再遥远了。

My dream isn’t far away any more.

191. 请你帮我查一下下趟列车何时出发好吗?

Would you please help me find out when the next train starts?

192. 你有两个选择:一是回去,另一个是逃走。

You have two choices, one is to get back, the other is to get away.

193. 靠近老虎是很危险的。

It’s very dangerous to get close to the tiger.

194. 他们一到田野就开始收割水稻。

They began to get in rice as soon as they got in the field.

195. 下车后你最好别脱外套。

You had better not get off your coat after you get off the bus.

196. 咱们尽快上车吧。

Let’s get on the bus as soon as possible.

197. 我通过电话告诉你我通过了测试。

I got through the phone to tell you that I got through the test.

198. 我每天尽力按时起床。

I do my best to get up on time every day.

199. 我过去常把一些旧书捐给了希望学校。

I used to give away some old books to the hope school.

200. 我会尽快把书还给图书馆。

I will give back the book to the library as soon as possible.

201. 她宁死不屈。

She would rather die than give in.

202. 别放弃你的希望。

Don’t give up your hope.

203. 干吧!别担心它。

Go ahead! Don’t worry about it.

204. 别走开!

Don’t go away!

205. 时间过的真快!

Time goes by quickly.

206. 继续做运动吧。

Go on doing sports.

207. 继续你的学业。

Go on with your school work.

208. 会议在继续。

The meeting is going on.

209. 你出去时,请把灯灭了。

Please make the light go out when you go out.

210. 你必须按时上交练习册,并且及时分发下去。

You must hand in the exercise books on time and hand them out in time.

211. 请稍等一下!

Please hang on a minute!

212. 别挂断电话!我想告诉你重要的事情。

Don’t hang up! I would like to tell you something important.

213. 他经常得感冒。

He often has a cold.

214. 我以前听说过他。

I used to hear of him.

215. 请随便吃些鱼。

Please help yourself to some fish.

216. 他经常帮我解决困难。

He often helps me out.

217. 她请我稍等。She asks me to hold on.

218. 我很害怕以至于我屏住呼吸。

I was so afraid that I held my breath.

219. 建鸟巢花了几百人三年时间。

It took hundreds of people three years to build the bird nest.

220. 长城总计6700公里长。

The Great Wall is 6700 kilometers long in all.

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