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221. 你最好别站在我前面。

You had better not stand in front of me.

222. 刚才我听见有人敲门。

I heard someone knock at the door just now.

223. 条条大路通罗马。

All roads lead to Rome.

224. 打开窗户让新鲜空气进来。

Open the window to let fresh air in.

225. 他把水放了。

He let out the water.

226. 我们过去以蔬菜和米饭为主食。

We used to live on vegetables and rice.

227. 我们有必要展望未来。

It’s necessary for us to look ahead.

228. 他根本看不起别人。

He doesn’t look down upon others at all.

229. 我们忙于调查此事。

We are busy looking into the matter.

230. 我刚才看见他在找东西。

I saw him looking for something just now.

231. 我们穿过森林时当心蛇。

Look out for the snake when we go through the forest.

232. 我讨厌女人在公共场合化妆。

I hate seeing women make up in public.

233. 该我值日了。

It’s time for me to be on duty.

234. 他的照片在全世界展览。

His photos are on show all over the world.

235. 从前,人们以捕鱼为生。

Once upon a time, people live on fishing.

236. 他很激动,上气不接下气地告诉我这个好消息。

He was so excited that he told me the good news out of breath.

237. 他太懒,结果他失业了。

She is so lazy that she is out of work.

238. 我看到他经过了。

I saw him pass by.

239. 我会尽快还你钱的。

I will pay back your money as soon as possible.

240. 我帮她付了书钱。

I helped her to pay for the book.

241. 你为什么不挑出你的书呢?

Why don’t you pick out your book?

242. 我开车接他时,我见到一个箱子。

I picked up a box when I picked him up.

243. 他指向门向我示意上面的一幅画。

He pointed to the door to show me a picture on it.

244. 防御火灾爆发是很重要的。

It’s very important to prevent fire from breaking out.

245. 我们最好为未来储存一些钱。

We had better put away some money for the future.

246. 你最好别推迟做作业。

You had better not put off doing homework.

247. 你最好穿上你的外套。

You had better put on your coat.

248. 请你把这幅画贴在墙上好吗?

Could you please put up this picture on the wall?

249. 我喜欢上学而不愿呆在家里。

I like going to school rather than stay at home.

250. 每人提到昨天的事。

No one referred to yesterday’s thing.

251. 我愿意把你当成我的朋友。

I would like to regard you as my friend.

252. 为什么不立刻请你老师帮忙呢?

Why not ask your teacher for help right away?

253. 你最好马上给他回电话。

You had better ring him back right now.

254. 我一到美国就给你打电话。

I will ring you up as soon as I arrive in America.

255. 你要么逃跑要么投降。

You either run away or give in.

256. 他准备花光他的钱为他家买一栋房子。

He gets ready to run out of his money to buy a house for his family.

257. 我很高兴我能挽救你的生命。

I am glad that I can save your life.

258. 我想要为你送行。

I would like to see you off.

259. 你必须尽快卖光所有的票。

You have to sell out all the tickets as soon as possible.

260. 你为什么不立刻派人请医生呢?

Why don’t you send for a doctor right now?

261. 太阳既发光又发热。

The sun sends out both light and heat.

262. 美国过去发射过许多宇宙飞船。

America used to send up many spaceships.

263. 是该分出好坏的时候了。

It’s time to separate the good from the bad.

264. 该释放他们的时间了。

It’s time to set them free.

265. 直到我看见他们启程才回来。

I didn’t come back until I saw them set off.

266. 我们打算早上出发。

We are going to set out in the morning.

267. 他们肩并肩地走进了教室。

They went into the classroom side by side.

268. 我会随身带些钱以便买些吃的。

I will bring some money with me so as to buy something to eat.

269. 就我所知,他不但是老师还是作家。

So far as I know, he is not only a teacher but also a writer.

270. 我们的梦想迟早会实现的。

Our dream will come true sooner or later.

271. 我的车有点毛病,因此我不能加速。

There is something wrong with my car, so I can’t speed up.

272. US代表美国。

US stands for the United States.

273. 别说话了,该上课了。

Stop talking, it’s time for class.

274. 咱们停下来休息一下。

Let’s stop to have a rest.

275. 北京有许多名胜古迹,比如长城、颐和园等等。

There are a lot of places of interest in Beijing, such as the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and so on.

276. 请你把它拿走好吗?

Would you please take it away?

277. 别紧张,我会帮你学英语的。

Take it easy! I will help you with English.

278. 屋里很冷,你最好别脱下外套。

It’s very cold in the room, you had better not take off your coat.

279. 我们可以从容地为考试做准备。

We can take our time to get ready for the test.

280. 他取出了一些照片。

He took out some photos.

281. 昨天发生了一起交通事故。

A traffic accident took place yesterday.

282. 我取代了他。

I took place of him.

283. 每天玩电脑游戏占用许多时间。

Playing computer games takes up a lot of time every day.

284. 我经常一出去就关上灯。

I often turn off the light as soon as I go out.

285. 刚才我阻止他把灯打开。

I stopped him from turning on lights just now.

286. 他不仅到得晚还把电视开得很大。

He not only turned up late but also turned up TV very loudly.

287. 我看见她在教室里走来走去。

I saw her walk up and down in the classroom.

288. 我过去害怕黑暗。

I used to be afraid of the dark.

289. 我习惯于晚饭后去散步。

I am used to going for a walk after supper.

290. 我很抱歉让你等了这么长时间。

I am sorry to keep you waiting for me so long time.

291. 这道数学题太难,我做不出来。

This math problem is too difficult for me to work out.

292. 我一点都不担心我的英语。

I don’t worry about my English at all.

293. 你最好记下地址。

You had better write down the address.

294. 我会尽可能经常给你写信。

I will write to you as often as possible.

295. 总之,忘记不高兴的事,继续努力学习。

In a word, forget the unhappy thing and keep on working hard at your lessons.

296. 我相信如果你努力,一定会成功的。

I'm sure you can be successful if you try your best.

297. 你读的书越多,你获得的知识就越多。

The more books you read, the more knowledge you will get.

298. 很高兴收到你的来信。

Nice to hear from you.

299. 只要你用心,没有什么是不可能的。

Nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it.

300. 我期待你的好消息。

I’m looking forward to your good news.

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